Implants are artificial tooth roots made of biocompatible materials. Thanks to their special surface they grow together with the surrounding jawbone and provide firm support for crowns, bridges and dentures. As a result you get dental prostheses that are as good and natural as your own healthy teeth.


Our practice is up to date with the latest advances in modern technology. This allows us to consider individual circumstances in order to provide the best dental implant treatments. For meticulous planning of the procedure, the dentist first creates a three-dimensional computer model of the dentition (Digital Volume Tomography - DVT).Then a mask  based on this 3D model is made. This mask allows a computer precise implantation (computer-navigated implantation - CNI).


Besides various training courses and the international advisory level of our medical teams we owe our extensive expertise in the field of implantology to our own research and the experience of 30 years of practice. We manage the supply of implants even in particularly difficult cases because we have got all this knowledge.