Your smile exudes your happiness, friendliness and success. Even more so when you show off your beautiful, healthy teeth. So it makes a big difference to your charisma, when you choose to show your teeth while speaking, rather than preferring to hide them.


We are convinced that beautiful, right type teeth make an important contribution to the quality of life. We want each patient to have a confident smile. Thanks to modern methods this is possible, particularly gentle and sustainable.


From damaged anterior teeth to the correction of tooth surfaces and slight misalignments - our customized veneers, inlays and crowns allow us to do much for your teeth with small interventions. We use modern high-tech ceramics, which are indistinguishable in appearance and strength of your natural tooth enamel. Moreover, this material offers ideal biocompatibility, allergies are not known.

In the field of esthetic dentistry, we offer a gentle removal of tooth discoloration and quality Twinkle Tooth jewelry. We also offer a reconstruction of decreasing gums with the body’s own connective tissue.